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    IBM iSeries Navigator

    Hin _

      I wonder if any of you have experienced this problem and how you overcame it.


      I use IBM iSeries Navigator to pull spool files from AS400 to my PC and then open them in Monarch.  It worked great until I upgraded the iSeries Navigator to version 5 release 3 last week.  When I open the files in Monarch now, there is a space inserted between every 2 adjacent characters.  All the models I have do not work anymore.  For example, customer number 310041 becomes 3 1 0 0 4 1 when I open dthe report in Monarch.  The reports looked all right though when I opened them in Notepad, Wordpad or Words.


      Short of re-creating or modifying all the models, is there some settings somewhere I need to change to make it work?  Anyone?  Any advice will greatly be appreciated.