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    command line weirdness - program too big to fit in memory

    todd _

      Hi all,


      I upgraded a system from Win95 (yes, 95) to WinXP Pro last week.  The system was running a few simple command-line Monarch (vers 6) batch files.  Format (and I'll exclude the path stuff) was basically:




      When I run the batch files, I now get "Program too big to fit in memory" errors.  I can drop to a regular command line, type the same commands, and they work fine.  Tried messing with the more advanced memory tabs (everything now is set to "Auto"), but am getting the same results each time.


      Is there anything in the command line settings that I can tweak for Monarch's memory use (assuming the error is even valid)?  Tried googl-ing this, but ended up with lots of links to game developers getting these errors.  (wha?)


      thanks for any help    - Todd