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    hermanifer _

      I am trying to run VB code to automate the loading of projects and the exporting of summaries.  I am having trouble finding a way to export a project with numerous summary tabs.  Is there a way to specify which summary to export?

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          Nick Osdale-Popa

          You can use the CurrentSummary command to set which summary to export such as:


          objMonarch.CurrentSummary "Profit Margins"


          Will set the summary to export to "Profit Margins" when the JetExportSummary() function is executed.

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            Nick Osdale-Popa

            If you want to export each summary you will need to use a combination of several property methods:






            Very rough idea of the code

            [font="courier"]For idx = 0 to ObjMonarch.SummaryCount - 1

                summary = objMonarch.GetSummaryNameAt(idx)

                ObjMonarch.CurrentSummary Summary

                IsExported = ObjMonarch.JetExportSummary(sExportFile, Summary, fOverwrite)

                'Raise Error if Summary export failed

                If IsExported = False Then

                    sProblem = "Error Exporting Summary: " & Summary

                    Err.Raise vbObject + SummaryErr, "Monarch", sProblem

                End If

            Next idx[/font][/quote]