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    ron cousino

      Any suggestions on a problem that I am sure others have encountered.  Monarch provides a nice information icon that allows you to view and print all project and model information when you have the model open.  However as time passes, and with lots of clients and models, I don't always print out the information.  I may not have the source database or report available but would like to be able to somehow read the model details. (and be able to copy those great calculated field solutions).  Is there a tool or way to read the model information without having to open a report or database that it was created with?  I also don't want to kill more trees that I have to.  I am a Monarch Pro version 8.01 user

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          Data Kruncher

          Hi again Ron. Glad to read that your last post was resolved.


          As to reading xmod files without the source report or database, it's not too difficult, but the results are a little hard to read. A better tool would be very nice. I might have to work on that...


          Anyway, reading the file: open Windows Explorer and go to your xmod files. Copy the file "myfile.xmod" back to the same folder so that you get "Copy of myfile.xmod". Good. Now add a ".xml" extenstion to the filename. Double-click the xml file and your web browser (in my case, IE) will start up and open the file.


          While it is somewhat formatted, it's not exactly  user-friendly. But, what you're after is there, including formulas.


          An awkward solution is better than no solution at all. Anyone have a better way?



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            Data Kruncher

            you can just right-click on any xmod model and select "Open with Internet Explorer" to view it  /quoteI knew there was a better way. Sometimes the obvious is too obvious. Thanks Todd.

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              Nigel Winton


              I don't know if this works on Xmod files but it does on mod files. Open any report and apply any model, not the one you would usually use for that report. Then look at Project and Model information and voila you can read it as normal. Seems to be OK as long as you keep it on the Report view. Saves buying any other software and is in your normal friendly format.





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                Grant Perkins

                I made a quick search and found a number of XML viewers available for free download. Picked the first one




                Loaded it. Opened an xmod file and you can see all the raw data laid out or drill down through the tree and pick each definition component of the model individually.


                You can also associate it with an XSL file (A schema in effect - model.xsl for models for example) which allows you to view the information, typically through you default browser but that can be changed, as if you were viewing through the Monarch menu option.


                There are probably other ways and maybe more comprehensive products but this was a quick and easy test and free of cost!






                Edit to add that the option to cut and paste from a Viewer, either the raw xml display or via the browser output with the stylesheet applied,  may make the creation of copies of filters and formulae somewhat easier in the absence of a controlled import option.


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                  ron cousino

                  Thanks for all the recommendations.  Internet explorer will work for what I am usually looking for when I don't want to have to open a large database or report to use Monarch Pro's built in information.  I will check out the mindfusion software as well.

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                    Nick Osdale-Popa

                    The MindFusion XML Viewer works nicely... Open the .xmod file, apply model.xsl (in C:Program FilesMonarch ) and save as an HTML file. Open the HTML file in any browser and voila, just like the xmod viewer in Monarch!