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    Program is unlicensed

    Curt Rosenstengel

      We have had Monarch V6.01 network installed for some time.   Not sure if anybody is really using it though.   We have no problems on Windows 98 machines.   I recently have been trying to install on a Windows XP SP2 machine and am getting the "This Program is unlicensed" message.  But not always.  Sometimes the program opens, sometimes it asks for username then opens, sometimes it asks for username then cancels with the unlicensed error, and sometimes it just cancels with the unlicensed error.   I am using the PC as a local administrator and network administrator.   I have read/write access to all drives and registry.   The network files are on a Novell Netware drive.   This is probably the first time installing on a XP SP2 system.   I have looked at the other messages in the forum and have reinstalled Monarch, change the Monuser registry entry, changed the Author registry entry, etc.   Any other ideas???




      Curt Rosenstengel

        • Program is unlicensed
          Curt Rosenstengel

          No.  I have full access rights to all directories and registry entries.   The program was installed using Administrator, tested as Administrator or admin user, Monuser registry entry has been changed, etc.


          Sometimes the program works, sometimes it doesn't.   No problems under Win 98.