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    Excel Issues in Version 7.02

    Bill Tilghman

      Nearly every Excel file come up with this error.


      " An error was encountered while reading the sample data. The valuse in row 54, column 8 could not be read. This is subsequent bad values will be treated as nulls."


      Different row and column, same problem. Onthis file the cell is empty. If you Import the file into Access.. and then export it .. it works fine.


      Any ideas on this trick?

        • Excel Issues in Version 7.02
          Grant Perkins

          Originally posted by Bill Tilghman:

          Any ideas on this trick? /b[/quote]Bill,


          It's common to see the message. I ignore it. It rarelty causes any problems since it is usually reporting that the cell contains unreadable values which (probably NULLs), no matter how you look at it, will remain unreadable usually.


          If they should be readable values it is really a matter of going into the spreadsheet to sort them out.