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    Excel Export Problem

    RalphB _

      I am currently appending a table export from a flat file to an excel spreadsheet.  The end user also has been appending to the spreadsheet from another spreadsheet by copying and pasting and doing a reconcilliation from that and moving cleared items off.  Somehow, one of the column formats got messed up so my appends that I did from Monarch bombed out with the message that the column formats do not match (character format from Monarch). How, I don't know.  We have been using this spreadsheet for several months now and starting from square one is out of the question.


      I fixed the offending column so my appends would work correctly but when I first ran the append, it moved some but not all the data that was currently in the spreadsheet from one column to another column randomly making the data basically useless.


      Any ideas as to what is happening or how I can correct this?  It is getting to be a big problem having to redo this every day.


      I am using Monarch 8.02 Pro network, Excel 2003 w/ SP2 and Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 installed.