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    Excel tab names changed after export


      I am using Monarch V6 Pro.  When I Export All Summaries to Excel 2003, the Excel tab name drops the leading zero and replaces it with an underscore (eg. _01A). I have been through all of the settings in both Excel and Monarch and cannot locate a setting that controls the tab name. Does anyone know how to correct this?

      Thank you for your assistance.

        • Excel tab names changed after export
          Grant Perkins



          From the Monarch internal Help.


          "Table names assigned when exporting data to a spreadsheet file may be up to 15 characters for WK3 files and 64 characters for XLS files and may contain uppercase and lowercase characters and the underscore character (_). Spaces and other punctuation characters are not allowed except for period (when exporting to Excel XLS files) and colon (when exporting to Lotus WKx files). The first letter must be a letter or an underscore /band a worksheet name may not be the same as a cell reference, such as C1."






          • Excel tab names changed after export
            Bruce _

            And to add further insult, if you go into Excel, change the tab names, then back to Monarch to export, it will pop an error message. This includes Monarch up to version 8.


            Sorry for the bad news



            • Excel tab names changed after export
              Nick _

              I am having a somewhat similar problem.  I have several reports being export as two numeric characters in the begining of the file name.  EG: 11REReport.xls.  My model is a basic data capture without any filters.  In past versions, the tab would be labled as untitled using the autoscrip feature.  Now with version 8, the tab is being named with the report filename and replacing the first numeric valu with an underscore.  I understand this is due to excel naming conventions, but why does it no longer export the tab as untitled.  FYI, if I manualy export, the table name is listed as untitled.


              Monarch V8.02 Pro

              Windows XP SP2


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