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    Run Monarch using a Batch file

    Cliff Skinner

      Please someone give me the layout to setup running monarch in a batch file, .bat.

        • Run Monarch using a Batch file
          Dan Cleveland

          Here is what I do:


          Type the command in notepad or Copy and paste into notpad. Do a save as Something.txt and then rename file Something.bat


          Here is the command I use:


          R:programMonarch.exe /prj:"N:DanMonarch_ModelsScheduled_ModelsPending_Work.prj" /pxall


          where R:programMonarch.exe is where Monarch is on my network and

          /prj:"N:DanMonarch_ModelsScheduled_ModelsPending_Work.prj" is the location of the project


          /pxall exports all saved exports which may include

          some or all summaries.


          You can also access Monarch's help function for additional commands - try a search on pxall for Version 7.0 and it should return "Using Monarch Command Lines"


          I usually go additional step to schedule the .bat file in Window's scheduled task by simply trying the path and .bat file name in the scheduled task.

          As long as the pc is running at that time, end users are happy.

          • Run Monarch using a Batch file
            debijo _

            The help file section on command line processing is really good. 


            If you don't have a project, just a regular report and model:


            start c:...Monarch /rpt:"reportfile" /mod:"modelfile"


            This will open the report in Monarch and apply the model.  If you also want it to export to a file, add the last parameter of /exp:"exportfile".  Just add in your Monarch path and the file names.


            Good luck!