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    Inconsistent Lines

    ruben _

      I am processing a multi-line report and trapping each line separately. I noticed that there are some lines that do not consistently repeat in every record. Monarch copies the field contents from the previous record on to the record that does not have this line. Can this be corrected? What is the best way to process inconsistent reports like this?

        • Inconsistent Lines
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Ruben,


          If you have created a template that expects, say, 4 lines but some records have less you will get some anomalies. Also if some have more than 4 you will miss some data.


          What to do to fix it depends very much on the layout of the report and several other factors including what you want out of it. Here are a few ideas.


          1. Can you make each line a detail record?


          Would that make sense for this report. The 'grouping' fields (Say employee, ID, Customer number, order number or whatever) could then be added to the detail record using append templates.


          2. Do the data lines or the fields have 'tags' (labels which identify what the data is) before each field?


          If so you might be able to use the Preceding String feature in the field definition to pick out the field wherever it appears, no matter which line it is on. (It's horizontal poition on the line must always be the same.)


          There are some constraints. The SAMPLE for the template must not have more lines than the smallest number of lines for the smallest record. So if the smallest record was 3 lines and then a blank line before the start of the next record for that template you would be able to make use of 4 lines total but not more. However the fields can be defined in ANY LINE in the template if using the preceding string functionality.


          3. Select the entire multiline record as a block of text (that way it can have any number of lines (within reason - there are limits), the variability of each record will not matter.


          The lines can be split out afterwards if required using the Version 8 TEXTLINE function with a line number. Or if you are looking to extract certain fields fromo the lines and the fields can be identifed by their data strings (perhaps the tags referred to above or something similar) you can probably  use TEXTLINE with the SEARCH parameter instead. (It will depend on the nature of the data and how easily identifiable are the parts you want.)


          There may well be some other approaches but these are the 3 things I would look at first.



          I hope this helps. If you need more input I will be happy to provide it but it will likely be report dependent so a sample that sets out the way the report and the data are structured would be really useful.