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    OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.

    Data Kruncher

      I am saddened today to learn of the passing of our friend Tom Whiteside.


      Tom was a regular contributor to the forum. I've learned much from his posts, and from email exchanges with him.


      Tonight I shall raise a glass for my friend Tom, whom I never had the pleasure to have met face to face, but I know I would have enjoyed the pleasure of his company immensely.


      To Tom!



        • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
          Grant Perkins

          A fine tribute from Sandy and I would like to echo the sentiment though I am saddened to have such an opportunity.






          To Tom!




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          • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
            Nick Osdale-Popa

              I had not heard.  I did meet him at the conference and we've shared many laughs in e-mails.


            I shall raise a glass in his honor, as well as observe a moment of peace. To Tom! Fare thee well, my good friend.


            Could someone post details either here or in a private message to me, perhaps his wife's email?

            • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
              Mike Urbonas

              Hello to all.  We at Datawatch are also very sad to hear of Tom Whiteside's recent passing.


              I had met Tom while at an event in Anaheim, CA some six months or so prior to our 2003 User Conference in Las Vegas, and encouraged him to participate in the User Conference.  Sure enough, Tom did double duty, answering our Call for Papers and presenting two informative and entertaining sessions.


              In addition to his frequent contributions to this discussion board, Tom will be easily remembered by fellow attendees at the 2003 User Conference for his eagerness to help others with Monarch challenges, strong advocacy of Monarch, and his Hawaiian shirts.  smile.gif[/img]   Tom also served as a beta tester for Monarch V7 and the product is better off thanks in no small part to his time and work with it.


              If others do get Tom's wife's contact information (I will be checking my own internal records as well), please send me a private message.  Thank you.

              • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                Mark Huston

                We'll certainly miss his wit and wisdom. At least now Heaven has a Monarch expert.



                • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                  Gareth Horton

                  I am very saddened to hear of Tom's passing.  As Mike mentions, he was a key contributor to the product through suggestions and participation in beta testing.


                  He was also very generous with his time, both in the forums and at the User Conference, where I met him and had drinks with him.


                  I looked forward to seeing him at the next User Conference, together with the other 'usual suspects'


                  I will miss his enthusiasm and generosity and my condolences go out to his family and friends.



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                    Darren _

                    I am just reading this now and I just can't believe it...I met Tom and his wife at the User Conference in Vegas in May. In fact we stayed at the same hotel and took in the city and its sights on a couple of evenings. They kept saying that if we wanted a place to stay if we ever came to Disneyland with our family - that we could stay with them. Tom and I had emailed each other for awhile after the Conference, talking about Monarch or just to chat. To Tom, a friend…I have one story to tell the rest of the group here on the forum…


                    Back in September, I received an email from Tom. He sounded upset. It started off like this…


                    “Hi, Darren!


                    I need to ask you a favor. Something very disturbing - - at least to me - - happened on the Forum a few months back, that I just found out about a couple of weeks ago…”


                    Anyways, the rest of the email was to inform me that Data Kruncher, who had just posted a helpful response to a user, was given a negative rating. Tom went on to explain why it meant so much to him. Tom went “to bat” for Data Kruncher because he knew in his heart that this was unjust. Someone was just using the rating system to give negative ratings to others. His email went on to ask me if I could give Data Kruncher a 5-star rating to negate the 1-star rating Sandy received previously. This was the kind of person that Tom was. I had only met him in May and hung out with the man for 4 days, but I new he was helpful, kind, and would do anything to help out others. I was hoping to meet him again at the next User Conference. I guess that is going to have to wait for now. I am going to miss him.


                    **I also would like his wife's contact info if anyone else gets it...Thank you...


                    Darren Kennedy

                    • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                      Winn _

                      I have been extremely busy during the past few months and have not had time to keep up with this forum. But I was stopped dead in my tracks this morning, when I received the following email


                      SUBJECT: Tom Whiteside says goodbye


                      Hi --

                          This e-mail isn't from Tom, it's from Kay, his wife, and I regret to inform everyone that Tom suffered a massive stroke on Wednesday November 26 and passed away on Saturday Nov 29.

                          Many of his friends were in attendance at the bedside, and I thank them all for their love and support at such a tragic time.

                          I wish I could have known all of you personally, Tom collected friends where ever he went. 

                          God bless you all.




                      Tom and I had many discussions on this forum. I met him and his wife personally at the conference last May.  It is hard to think that I won't see his name on any new posts to this forum.


                      The thing that impressed me most about Tom was his willingness to learn from other people. He, like me, was a longtime user of Monarch. Yet, he never acted like he knew it all.


                      (OK, here comes a story...)


                      When we were at the conference, tom gave a presentation entitled "How I Tamed a Hydra-Headed Report with Monarch," in which he gave an example of a report that he had to revisit every couple of months becuase problems would arise with the templates he had set up for the report. The next day, I was with him in the Advanced Monarch class. When we were walking out, he said if he had known about some of the things he learned in that class, he would have eliminated a couple of the "hydra heads" that popped up.


                      He will be missed.


                      Here's to you, Tom *****




                      PS. I am assuming that you can contact Tom's wife through his email address for at least another couple of days.

                      • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                        Mike Urbonas

                        Hi again to all.  Regarding the user "ratings" on this UBB system we use (ref: Darren's comment above), I assured Tom at the time that I had no doubt that someone simply assumed 'a scale of 1 to 5' was 1 being the best, as opposed to the (correct) other way around.  But since unintentionally interpreting the 1 to 5 scale backwards can mistakenly skew the stars significantly, I disabled the rating system of stars completely.  Tom's pride in the quality of free advice on this forum and concern for others was clear.

                        • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                          Steve Caiels

                          I met Tom briefly at UC2003.  I found him to be a warm, generous man with a great sense of fun and humour.   A particularly found memory is sitting behind him at the comedy evening.  His enthusiasm (especially at the expense of John Kitchen) added much to the evening.  He will be sadly missed on this board and, I’m sure, by all who had the privilege of knowing him rather better than I.


                          To Tom.

                          • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                            Mike Urbonas

                            FYI to all, I do plan on including Tom, "In Memorium," in the upcoming December newsletter.

                            • OT: Goodbye and farewell, friend.
                              Nick Osdale-Popa

                              Thanks, Mike, that really means a lot!