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    Enquiry About Monarch

    imappsdba _

      Dear Sir/Madam


      We are using Oracle Applications 11.0.3  ( E-Bussiness Suite) and do run reports in it.

         Can we use Monarch products for viewing /extracting  reports in it?


      Thanks In Advance,



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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Imran and welcome to the forum.


          I am not an Oracle user so I cannot be definitive here but if you look at what Monarch can do by its intended functionality you may work out the answer.


          If you cen extract data, by whatever method,  in the form of text - formatted as a report, formatted as a structured list or simply as raw data records perhaps there is a good chance that Monarch can read the information and provide some excellent and uniquely accessible analysis. Many file formats can be read directly.


          If your Oracle system produces PDF files as a standard method of reporting Monarch Version 8 Pro can probably give you access to the data in those reports as well. I would be surprised if it could not.


          If you feel you need direct access to the database then the normal method is likely to be ODBC or OLEdb connectivity though no doubt there are other options. The PRO version of Monarch is required for direct database connectivity. There may be other options I am not aware of for Oracle connections.


          Does this help at all?


          What sort of analysis do you need to perform? There are many things in IT that can probably only be achieved using Monarch or spending a lot of time writing and testing code. But if you can provide some indication of what you will need to do I am sure that the members of the forum who have relevant knowledge will be very pleased to help further.


          Good luck.



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            Greg_Goodman _

            The company I'm working for at the moment is running Oracle 11i and Monarch is constantly used since ODBC connectivity is very restricted...Monarch is perfect for Oracle report output

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              Data Kruncher

              Hi Imran,


              We have the same Oracle version you use installed here.


              There's no way I'd be granted ODBC access to the Oracle database (against IT policies), so I must copy the reports I run to text files (Special, Copy File when viewing the report). Using Monarch I can then extract data from these text files.


              I've made dozens of Monarch models to extract data from the various Oracle reports we use.


              After almost four years of working with both, I can't imagine working with Oracle without Monarch - it should be mandatory that they be sold together.