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    Row count exceeds maximum records (16384) for this format

    bubble _



      i encountered the following error when I tried to download the table to Microsoft Excel.


      Please advise what I should do as I need the format in MS Excel.

        • Row count exceeds maximum records (16384) for this format
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          2 questions:

          Which version of Monarch do you have?

          Which version of Excel do you have?



          In order to extract more than 16384 rows, you'll need to set your Options|Export|XLS Files: to at least Excel 8.0 (Excel 97+)


          I think Monarch 5 is the first version to export to Excel 97.

          • Row count exceeds maximum records (16384) for this format
            Tom Whiteside

            Bubble, there is a workaround option you can use if you are stuck with an older version of Excel, for example, Excel 5.0 (which has a limit of 16,384 lines per sheet), and you have either Win 3.1 or Win 95.  Insert a calculated field based on the record number for each record.  Then, filter your export so that the amount of records exported at any one time is less than 16,384.  Many times, I used to have to export year-long reports that had (for example) four parts - - Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec, each with around 12,000 records.


            The good news is that the filter could easily be reset for each successive export.  The bad news is that the exports often had to be either different tabs/pages within the Excel file, or, had to be different Excel files altogether, and linked together.  This is where MS Access came in as invaluable, since it always handles larger files and exports.


            Sincerely wish you luck, but keep this option as a "just in case."


            Best wishes,

            • Row count exceeds maximum records (16384) for this format
              Mark Huston

              We have users here that still are on version 4.05. Here's how they work around the 16,384 row export limit. When exporting your table, specify the file type for your output as a dBase (.dbf) file. With this file type, Monarch will export an unlimited number of rows. Obviously it'll still need to fewer than Excel 8.0's limit of 65,536 rows. But then you can open the .dbf file in Excel and it works fine, you just have to change the column formats.