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    Is monarch compatible with SWIFT ISAM?

    Rob Graham

      I would be grateful for any input on this

        • Is monarch compatible with SWIFT ISAM?
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Rob,


          I have no experience of Swift ISAM but have worked with other ISAM file types in the past. Unless you are looking for some form of close-coupled automation integration the option for getting at ISAM stored data are usually;


          1. Extract the data to a text file using a 'report' of some sort.


          2. Link directly to the data as a database using a suitable  ODBC/OLEdb interface


          or, unusually,


          3. When the ISAM presents as 2 separate files - one for data and one for the index - it may be possible to read the data file directly as a text file BUT, to make sense of the result, knowledge of the data structure(s) would be required.


          So I guess your question remains unanswered. Is there anyway you can provide a little more information about the intended usage? Is there something about Swift ISAM that makes it unusual in terms of potential compatibility? I have had a browse on the net but not so far found anything very useful.