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    Export to Multiple files on value change

    wilsonl _

      Is there a way to break an export file into seperate files, based on a value change of a key field? I don't see any effect using "Insert page break when key value changes" under the Display tab of field properties.


      Say I get report files with a date field. I want to automate using command line functions, breaking the exported file up into seperate files, each containing only one date. I can't hard code a variable into the filter because the values will be different everytime.


      Any ideas?


        • Export to Multiple files on value change
          Ron Jones

          If you are exporting to excel this might help. If you need to break out by month, use the month function and create a field to list the month ex 1,2,3, the # indicates the month. Next create a summary that gives the info you need, then copy and create a seperate tab for each month. Go to file export export all summaries. This will create an excel file with a seperate sheet for each month or summary you have created in the summary function.


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          Ron Jones