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    MFWFIL32.DLL problem in batch command

    Doug Hinchon

      We have a PC that runs Monarch Ok when a user logs in and works, however we also call monarch.exe as a command in a batch file - this generates the message MFWFIL32.DLL missing or incomplete.  From other messages it seems we have our file located in the correct directories and registry looks as it should, also user works OK on-line.  However the batch run fails.  The command we are using is



      cd Program FilesMonarchProgram


      K:SCDPaymentsBRAT-R1BRP234.txt Refunds.mod K:SCDPaymentsBRAT-R1Refundxx.xls /t Transfer.xls


      We are on Monarch 8.0 - the above command used to work, also we have totally refeshed our desk top environment.


      The above command reads a previously created file, and using a model called Refunds.mod it does some work and then it transfers to Excel.


      As I say, non-admin type users work OK on this PC when running Monarch application but we are having problems with the above batch command.


      If you can help this will be greatly appreciated.

        • MFWFIL32.DLL problem in batch command
          Grant Perkins



          This will almost certainly be to do with the revised security and permissions controls used in XP.


          Whilst your logged in user can access the DLL program your batch process does not have the same permissions and so the program is unavailable to it. Hence the message.


          I would imagine that the IT people responsible for your desktop setup should be able to rectify that problem without breaching any security policies they have defined. I cannot claim expertise in that area as I don't need to run with secure parameters.


          Hope this helps in some way.