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    Template error - page break ?

    Reinhard _



      I'm using V4.02 and have a very big report file (80 MB) to analyze. I've created a header template which works correct, but the 2-line detail template brings up some unexplainable errors. Sometimes Monarch brings up an extra line which is not in my file when I open it with the txt-Editor. This extra line contains many "-" and interrupts the selection of details and so for the next 2 lines the header template is used which doesn't match to my selection options.


      So a great number of datasets are generated wrongly. I've tried every data entry option available but the error is still there.


      Can anyone help ?

        • Template error - page break ?
          Grant Perkins



          Monarch will enforce a page break every 256 lines if no page break is defined for less than 256 lines. Have a look at the OPTIONS for INPUT.


          If you can define a page break that will work but has less the 256 lines you might be OK.


          However if you have only a REPORT header section and no repeating PAGE header I think you should define your Report Header template as an APPEND template but NOT a Page Header Template.


          Unfortunately I do not have Version 4 installation available to check it.


          If you set up a Page Header template the system will expect to apply that template every time a page changes accoring to the template definition, a new page identifier or the 256 line limit being reached. From your description I think that is what may be happening with your report.


          If that does not help let us know what problems it leaves for you and we can think again.



          • Template error - page break ?
            Reinhard _

            Hello Grant,


            many thanks. I've read several postings about the page break problem but your idea making an APPEND was the solution.


            Many thanks.