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    Maxium Data Size

    Shelly _

      Hi,does anyone know what is the maximum file size Monarch can handle with for importing, exporting or manipulating purpose? Comparing to Access, it's a database, what about Monarch? I'm wondering while my data size is growing larger and larger, can Monarch still handle the size like Access does? Which is better comparing Monarch and Access from this point of view?

        • Maxium Data Size
          Grant Perkins



          It depends on what you are trying to import from  and a few other factors.


          Check out the Help in Monarch and search for the 'Settings' information.


          In my experience the workfile table will stop growing and importing at about 1Gb or a little over. However this relates to what you are doing within the import, calculated fields and so on, not just the size of the file being imported. (Or more specifically the size of the components of the file being imported.)


          I'm not sure that you can make a useful comparison between Access and Monarch since the purposes are different I think. If you have a file that can be imported directly to access with no changes or additions than it makes sense to import it directly. Otherwise Monarch is probably a more usable and flexible tool unless you are an Access expert and a Monarch novice.     





          • Maxium Data Size
            Nick Osdale-Popa

            The internal engine that Monarch uses to create it's tables is based on Microsoft's Jet Technology.  That being said, these are the limitations to ver 8:


            Table Specifications[/b]:

            Fields in table[/b]     255 maximum.

            Field name length[/b]     62 characters

            Character field length[/b]     254 characters

            Memo field length[/b]     65536 characters

            Numeric field length[/b]     17 characters (15 significant digits, a negation sign and a decimal point, up to 9 decimals).

            Date field length[/b]     8 characters

            Records in table[/b]     9,999,999 records

            Record length[/b]     4000 characters



            Input and Export Specifications[/b]

            Input file size[/b]     Limited only by system resources.

            Input pages[/b]     Limited only by system resources.

            Export file formats and capacities (per table)[/b][/size][list][]Excel (65,536 records)[/size][]Access (255 fields - 2000 characters, 9,999,999 records)[/size][/list]