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    PUZZLED - Monarch Pro 8.01 - Excel Exports 16,384 Rows?

    Kevin Whipp

      Running: Monarch Pro 8.01 on Windows Server 2003.

      Default export Excel format is: Excel 97+


      When I use a command line argument to convert a text report to an Excel file, with the resulting Excel file having more than 16,384 rows, as Monarch exits, the exported Excel file is deleted.


      If I manually open the text report and model in Monarch and then manually export the table to Excel, everything works perfectly.


      Any ideas as to why I cannot export an Excel file with more than 16,384 rows via a command line execution of Monarch Pro 8.01?  Any fixes?  I know I could use a CSV extension, but would rather use the XLS extension.


      Any help or insight will be greatly welcomed.


      - Kevin


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