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    VB Install With Monarch

    BillF _

      I have a VB App that I wrote that uses Monarch to extract data into Access. The question I have is when I install it on a User machine. Will they need to have a copy of Monarch bought and Installed. Or are there DLL's that can be pulled into the Install for Run Time.

        • VB Install With Monarch
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          The user will need to have their own copy of Monarch installed.  There is a network version of Monarch, but I'm not exactly sure how that works with custom apps.

          • VB Install With Monarch
            RalphB _

            We have the network version here and it works like the single user. Each user needs it installed on his/her machine.  I have scripts set up and only people with Monarch installed can run them.  Only difference is that upgrades only need to be installed on the server and everyone uses the same version.