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    Need Monarch Purchasing Advice

    VernonM52 _

      I currently use Monarch Version 4.00 to develop batch files to input long reports into MS Access tables.


      I work with 3 users across a large network who need access to Monarch so that they can run my batch files to do their work.  While they will not actually enter Monarch to edit templates, etc, all they will need it for is to run my batch files.


      I am trying to keep costs down, especially because I work for a state agency.


      What is the least expensive way to purchase Monarch so that I can continue to create and edit templates while the others simply use it to run batch files?







      What is the least expensive

        • Need Monarch Purchasing Advice
          Mike Urbonas

          The answer really depends...I recommend simply calling our Monarch sales team at 800-445-3311 and ask them their recommendation.  They will do their best to help you.


          Each single user can buy Monarch online, and electronically download Monarch, saving some $ over buying a boxed copy of Monarch.  This is just one option.


          You may also be surprised how easy it often is to cost-justify buying copies of Monarch, based on report paper and printing cost savings; savings of man-hours from not having to manually enter data from reports into Excel or Access; etc.