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    Structure of Table export error

    Zimkatz _

      I am trying to amend my models to append the new data to an existing tab in an excel spreadsheet as opposed to a new tab and I keep getting the data type error:


      “The structure of the destination table does not match that of the export data set.  Data type of "Date Printed" column in the destination table does not match data type of "Date Printed" in the export data set.”


      I have had this error on a few other columns like Amount etc and when i format the cells in excel to the same format as monarch it works fine until it gets to the date column.  I have checked the settings and all is correct but i still get this error.  The date field in Monarch is a calculated field to work out todays date so i cannot amend the data type to anything other than date/time.  the column in excel is definitely date format.  HELP PLEASE  :confused:

        • Structure of Table export error
          Nigel Winton

          Hello there

          I have found that Monarch likes to append to a table already made by Monarch. You need to make the initial table from a Monarch export and then it should accept future appends OK. If necessary export a table then append the Excel bit to it and see if that works.

          The problem is more than likely with Excel and its Date/Time formats being more than you can see on the screen.





          • Structure of Table export error
            Zimkatz _

            Hi Nigel,


            Thanks for that, as I have a lot of old information in the excel spreadsheet that is cleared out monthly from my source report i could not export the initial table.


            However, i exported the current info into a seperate tab and copied the column i needed, then copied the dates i needed and deleted the offending column. 


            Fingers crossed that seems to be working for me!


            Thanks again