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    support for MS Word forms

    Nupur _



      I was wondering if Monarch V8.0 supports MS Word forms? I tried to open a Word form in Monarch, but it was all garbled.

      I also tried saving the text of the form in text format but the identifiers for the records are in the header which doesn't get saved in text format.


      Any suggestions would be sincerely welcomed.




        • support for MS Word forms
          Grant Perkins

          I don't think the cost of a product which had enough development resource, code and proprietory technology use licence rights behind it to untangle MS word documents would appeal to users used to paying Monarch prices.


          As an alternative can you print the form (presumably then it will become a report in concept) to a generic text file (Print to file) and then analyse the result?


          Forms, being mainly used as input mechanisms, would be an unusual target for a Monarch session so I am interested to hear what your overall objective is from analysis of the form. Have you discovered a new and as yet unanswered need?