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    More ??? on Automate Export to Excel

    Richard Corby

      It appears this is discussed often, but much searching has not produced my answer.


      I have V7 (Std).  I have multiple summaries to export to Excel.  I plan to just use a .bat file with a command like: 


      [font="courier"] Monarch.exe /prj:"d:Program FilesMonarchModelsMy ProjectsSummary_by_Agent.prj"  /exp:"d:Program FilesmonarchexportAgent_Report.xls" /font[/quote]I read somewhere that if I have multiple summaries, open the report and model, click on the summary and save it as a project.  So I have several projects.  The batch file above does not complete...it just opens the Monarch program.


      Also, assuming I can get it to work (with the help of the community), can I do things like add worksheets to a workbook?  Or does the .bat method not have this flexibility?


      By the way, I plan to put the .bat file(s) into Windows scheduler to run these.

        • More ??? on Automate Export to Excel
          Steve Caiels



          When Monarch launches, does it have the report and model open?  If not, then it indicates that either the project is no longer working or the path to the projects is wrong.   Does the project still work if you open it within Monarch?



          [font="courier"]Monarch.exe "d:Program FilesMonarchModelsMy ProjectsSummary_by_Agent.prj"  “d:Program FilesmonarchexportAgent_Report.xls" /s[/font][/quote]However, this will only export the summary that was active when the project was saved.   To get the ability ot export multiple summaries and tables, along with appending to existing sheets and adding new sheets in an existing workbook, you will need to upgrade to V7 and use the Projects Export.




          • More ??? on Automate Export to Excel
            Richard Corby

            I found what was wrong...it is always the small things!  I had a bad path.  Thanks for the response...it helped me solve the issue.