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    Formula in a table

    ndello _

      Hi, Version 8.01,

      I created a new calc field in the table view.

      Here is the formula I am trying to create:

      if ( .And. (FLOOR_BRO="JPMFLUSD", COMMODITY="EUR/GBP/FUT"),Eq_Trader2.37,Eq_Trader2.72)

      The error I am getting is this: Invalid Term and the curser goes in front of the .And.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • Formula in a table
          ndello _

          I seem to be asking question to fast, I got it.  I'm used to Excel, but figured it out as this:

          if ( FLOOR_BRO="JPMFLUSD" .And.  COMMODITY="EUR/GBP/FUT",Eq_Trader2.37,Eq_Trader2.72)

          Best regards