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    If statements

    Cheryl Graham

      I'm trying to create an expression for a field that I've had to make a "character" field because it contains both character data and numeric data. Can I use an "if" statement to do the following:

      If the cell contains character data, show the character data, if the cell is actually numeric, convert the character string to a numeric?

      I've tried this, but I either get invalid delimeter or operand type:



        • If statements
          Grant Perkins

          Cheryl, welcome to the forum.


          In simple terms a field cannot be both character and numeric.


          However you could consider creating the extra calculated field as numeric and then only populating it with a value which can be numeric - so any alpha only values would perhaps need to be zero? (Null may give you other problems at some point since the only reason I can think of for requiring a numeric field is to perform some mathematical calcualtion later or for formatting with $ or thousands, etc.)


          So something like




          shoudl be close to what you would need for that (I have not tested it but it looks about right provided it is for a numeric field.)