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    Monarch 8 Pro failed install

    dgpile _

      XP Pro SP1


      After several successful installs of Monarch 7 and Monarch Pro 8, I ran into a glitch.


      Monarch 8 Pro install on a machine with Monarch 7, ran until 97% and hung.


      The install would not cleanly close out. Now, although 8 pro shows in "Add Remove" programs, it is not running. Monarch 7 is displayed whenever Monarch is started from the menu.


      Attempted to uninstall, reinstall from Control Panel (with admin rights) but selecting repair or modify does not work.


      I uninstalled version 7 in an attempt to start the whole process again but nothing gets me Monarch 8 Pro.


      I even used a different CD in the vain hope that the poor results were related to the media.


      No dice.


      Anyone have tips on how to clean out a failed install of 8 Pro so the user will be able to run the current version?