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    Split on Number

    Gene _

      Anyone have a suggestion on this:


      Here's a piece of my detail:



             Aarons, Elizabeth L                             

      North Andover999 Turnpike Street Suite 99              

      (978) 999-9998                                                                               

      Aarons, Ralph                                   

      Salem99 Highland St                                    

      (978) 999-9997                                         


      I've extracted the name and phone number fine.  However, the city and address are inverted.

      Is there a way to extract the city and use the first number in the address for the split point?


      I've looked at lsplit, rsplit, instr, extract, however I can't figure out how to tell Monarch that the split position is the first numeric value in the string.


      Any advice, greatly appreciated.


      Thanks !


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        • Split on Number
          Mike Urbonas

          Gene, Monarch V6's Floating Trap should solve this problem for you.


          You will need to define your report trap differently.  Use the City/Street Address line as your detail trap line.


          Create your Detail template as follows:

          [font="courier"]Trap:      ÃÑ         

          Sample:Salem99 Highland St /font[/quote](NOTE: Most likely you can use

          two or more Alpha character traps

          like this:


          [font="courier"]Trap:    ÃÃÃÑ

          Sample:Salem99 Highland St /font[/quote]Highlight "Salem" as its own field (City) and "99 Highland St" as its own field (Street Address).  Last but not least, check on the Floating Trap box.


          Monarch V6 should scan across each City/Street Address line and split the City and Street Address Fields properly.


          Good luck,



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          • Split on Number
            RGBrooks _

            That would work until you ran into an address that started with a "alpha" such as SalemNorth 52nd street. You might see if it is possible to print to file using a file format that would put a separator between the fileds such as a .csv file then you could open it in Excel save it as a formatted text (space delimited) or .prn file that could be opened in Monarch.