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    Monarch V7

    Liz50 _

      I would like to know the external database capablilities of the new MonarchPro V7.  I have access to an external database (ODBC) but have not been able to use the MonarchPro V6 to access some of the files because of Monarch's file size limitations.  Have these limitations been increased or eliminated?  I would prefer to use Monarch instead of the software I am currently using since it is easier to use than the other.  Or, if there is a way around these limitations, please let me know.  If you want to know what happens:  It locks up and crashes whenever I try to open the file.  I have not even be able to create a model to eliminate some of the data.


      I would really appreciate a prompt answer to this question.  Thank you.


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          Tom Whiteside

          Hi, Liz!


          Here is a prompt-but-very-brief answer.  Monarch 6 had an internal MDB that had a practical size limit of 1 GB total table size and 2 GB total MDB size.  Monarch 7 provides support for "huge files," greater than or equal to 2 GB.  The documentation states that there is "no practical limit" on the size of import input files.


          If you need more info, I can point you toward the documentation.

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            Steve Caiels

            Hi Liz,


            And you can also filter at time of join/import to reduce the amount of data Monarch has to deal with.  You can now have up to 10 database joins, as opposed to one in V6.