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    Need help converting Date

    Blew _

      We have version 3.1 of  Monarch.

      The date, when loading into a table

      converts form 11/11/2002 to 19021111.


      How can I fix this problem?

        • Need help converting Date
          RalphB _

          Go to Options, Input and change the date range for 2-digit years to some other year.  Like 1950 or 1990.  That should take care of the problem.

          • Need help converting Date
            Mike Urbonas

            Actually, the option Ralph mentions exists I believe in Monarch version 4 +, not 3.1.  3.1 was issued back in the mid 90's and does not have a Y2-related input option to fix dates as Ralph notes. 


            Not to sound like a sales pitch but I urge you to upgrade to V6, notably V6 Pro. The benefits of upgrading go way beyond handling dates properly.






            • Need help converting Date
              Mark Huston

              I found that same problem in January of 2000. We were using version 3.1 at the time. All of a sudden I was extracting data from reports and the date had been converted to January 2, 1900. We all had a good laugh that we had actually been bitten by a Y2K bug! It gave me a good excuse to have our company upgrade to 4.05, which, unfortunately, I'm still using because I can't get them to upgrade to 6.0.

              • Need help converting Date
                Tom Whiteside

                Blew, if your company still won't upgrade you from Monarch 3.1 to a more recent version, try something that I just stumbled across.  Go to Datawatch - Support - Downloads - Monarch and scroll down to "Application: Monarch Model Update Wizard."


                The description states that, "The user can specify that model files with a specific Start Year setting can have their Start Year changed to a new value.  The intended usage of this utility is to provide Monarch Version 3 customers with a method for changing models with a Start Year of 1900 to a more appropriate value, typically 1950."


                I don't have Version 3 and can't vouch for the effectiveness of this utility - - however, it sounds to me like your best hope.  I suggest you download quickly since Datawatch ended support for Version 4 last November (2002).  Mark's timely switch to Version 4.05 would have worked great until then.  Since this utility is for Version 3, it will not last too much longer.


                Let us know if this helps - - there have to be other Version 3 users still out there.  If you still have problems, feel free to contact me directly by private message or by e-mail.  There are some not-too-complicated things you can do with text dates.


                Good luck!




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