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    If-Then-Else question

    Ontiveros _

      I have a character field that will eith be 01,02,03,04...12. For the life of me, I can not figure the syntax to get a calculated field reflect the corresponding month.  What I have started is:



      What do I type in to continue the trend?  Thank you in advance.

        • If-Then-Else question
          Grant Perkins

          If these are constant values (i.e. Month = 01 does not vary according to the start date of the report) then have you considered setting up an internal lookup table? To me it offers a more elegant approach fixed entities with known values. The IF() option is useful in this context where there some of the data may be of poor quality or have a value outside the regular values but if the values are almost certainly known and constant I think a lookup table is more appropriate.


          Just my opinion of course.



          • If-Then-Else question
            Ontiveros _

            Thank you, that worked.