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    Header trap added to each line record

    pbert _

      I am trying to take one piece of information from the header of a report (VendorID) and add it to each record in the database.

      I am not sure how to go about doing that.  Do i use the header trap the append trap or what?



        • Header trap added to each line record
          Grant Perkins

          Is there only one vendor ID per report?


          If so use an append.


          Also use an append if there is more than one vendor ID and a recognisable pattern repeats when a new vendor number section starts.


          Only use a Page header if you have to for other purposes  - for header data on the same line for example - and be sure that if you do use the page header template the number of rows or report per vendor does not exceed the maximum number of rows possible between page breaks. (256 lines)