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    Commnad LInes to Export Monarch Pro 8

    MorseB _

      In our prior version of Monarch, Pro 6.01, we used the command line to run Monarch, open a file, open a model and export a table as "Untitled" to Microsoft Access.  When we run the same command line in Monarch Pro 8.01 the table is named the database name.  Is there a way to have it be "Untitled"?


      The following is the Monarch Pro 6.01 command line:


      Dim stappname As String

      stappname = "J:MonarchprogramMonarch.exe      reas_recpt_nt2 ecpt.ftpmainftpdafr3111      reas_recpt_nt2d econwinmonarchdafr3111.mod       reas_recpt_nt2dimportdatadownloaddafr3111dafr3111.mdb /t"


      Call Shell(stappname, 1)


      I am aware that code could be written using JetExportTable, however, I really would like to keep the above command line format and have it work regaring naming database table as in the past.


      Thank you for the help.