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    Reports with append level at the lowest level

    Ron Jones

      I am new to the forum, so here goes. Our system has a few reports where the append level is placed below the detail level. Is there a way to trap this info. If the detail is trapped and then the append, the detail has the next record down append info. Is there some way to capture this type info. 


      Thanks   Ron

        • Reports with append level at the lowest level
          Tom Whiteside

          Hi, Ron!


          I have a report where I have to use my footer summary information in place of some difficult-to-trap append fields.  If what you have is truly append-type information, but simply placed below your detail fields, try changing the template type from "append" to "footer" and see if everything becomes consistent with your report structure.


          If you had the case where each detail line had a different (lower) append field, you could trap your current append fields as your detail fields, and work upwards from there.  This is probably not the case with your report.


          Try changing the "append" to "footer" trick.  If that doesn't work, feel free to contact me directly (e-mail or private message).

          • Reports with append level at the lowest level
            Ron Jones


            Your suggestion to change the type from append to footer works. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been missing out by not using the fourm before not.


            Thanks Ron Jones