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    Top 10 report

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      I have just got Monarch installed and working and it's pulling the information in fine. Bear with me because i'm still learning how to use the software.


      We are using the Datawatch QSM product and we have configured it so that we have products, problems and sub problems. The problems are relative to the Products and the Sub Problems are relative to the Problems.


      I have imported the data fine and I have managed to configure the reports and have created the count fields which now detail the total number of calls for each Product/Problem/Sub Problem and their percentage of the total incomming calls.


      What is now required is a filter of this that displays the top 10 product/problem/sub problem combinations. Is this possible in Monarch 6.0.1 (base version) through some form of filtering or the like? Ideally, the top 10 would be listed as one after another.

        • Top 10 report
          Mike Urbonas



          Define a summary with two Summary Fields: "count" with a calculation of Sum, and "count" with a calculation of Pct of Total.


          Then define Product, Problem, and Sub Problem as your three Key Fields.  While in the Summary Definition window, you can double click on each of these Key Fields and specify the following settings for each Key Field:


          -- Matching tab: select "First 10 Values"

          -- Sorting tab: select "Sort By Summary Field: count" and select Descending order


          Click OK and you should have your Top 10 list. 


          If the resulting summary table is not quite what you have in mind, try this alternative approach: in the Table view, create just one new Calculated Field which concatenates together your Product, Problem, and Sub Problem fields into one field, ie:


          Product" - "Problem" - "SubProblem


          and use just this one combined field in your Summary, with the same above-mentioned Key Field settings and Summary Fields.


          One benefit of the first approach is you use the can "drill up" and "drill down" Summary buttons to product top 10 lists by Product only, by Product and Problem only, as well as Product, Problem and Sub Problem.


          Your use of Monarch on QSM help desk reports is an effective use of both products, actually    smile.gif[/img]  




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