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    Example of "And-Or" filter

    Mark Huston

      I recently had to come up with an "and-or" filter with some date subtraction, so I figured I'd share it with the group.


      My boss sent me this request: "here's a request for ya..how about creating a model for this report that would pick up only:

      file status CO

      file status AF

      file status AE

      file status IU (if file date is 2 days prior to current date)

      file status RD (if file date is 2 days prior to current date and program is not 'Reject_Recycle' and file type is not 'CBR_Rejsc'


      let me know..if too laborious to figure out....I can just filter in excel as I've been doing so far...however, if we can modify the model...it will make this process much simpler and less time consuming."


      After I came up with this filter, my boss had to agree that I could be useful as well as decorative!


      status="CO".OR.status="AF".OR.status="AE".OR.(status="IU".AND.rpt_dt-file_dt>2).OR.(status="RD".AND.rpt_dt-file_dt>2.AND.program<>"REJECT_RECYCLE".AND.file_type<> "CBR_REJSCR")