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    Monarch V5 and COM

    Dikran _

      Hi, i'm a new user of Monarch V5


      I created a COM object to extract a DBF table from a report using Monarch V5. It works fine. But every time i run the code the Monarch window opens up and displays step by step everything i'm doing (opening a report, opening a model, ...) Is there a way not to display the monarch window ?



        • Monarch V5 and COM
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          here's how I do it:

          [font="courier"]        With mapMonarch

                      .Visible False

                      .DisplayWindow (wdwMaximize)

                      .Visible False



                      Application.ScreenUpdating = True


                  End With[/font][/quote]Notes:

          /size[list][]I use the .Visible method twice only because it was the only way I made it truly invisible.[/size][].DiplayWindow(0) = Maximize (this helps also)[/size][].DiplayWindow(1) = Normal(Restore) window[/size][].DiplayWindow(2) = Minimize[/size][*]MainScreen refers to a worksheet in Excel, this get selected so that Excel has focus again.[/size][/list]HTH