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    Appending Question

    Steve Kearley

      Perhaps I have missed the solution to this and I have read through the manuals a couple of years back--here's the deal...


      I have a depreciation report that subtotals based on a location code.  Since the location code only appears AFTER the listing of the items, the append template obviously attaches to the wrong item.  In other words, items in Location A, the first items in the report, have a blank as a location attached or appended to them in the table, and items in Location B actually get A attached to them in the table, etc.  I can get this to work after exporting to an Excel file but would like to fix it in Monarch, if possible.  And doesn't the footer template actually deal with the page footer?


      Ok, too many questions--


      So, is there a way to make this work properly  with the append template?  Or do I have to make the detail capture the location and append all the other data - or would that even work?


      Thanks for the help.


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          Becky _

          when you make your "append", check the box for "footer".  You can only have one footer, but it sounds like that's all you need.  It works just like an append, but instead of looking before the detail, it looks for the record after the detail line.

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            Steve Kearley

            I must be getting old    ---thanks.  That worked.  I could have sworn I tried that or must have thought from a long time back that the "footer" was for page footer. 


            Thanks again.