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    Tip: Stop Postal Line Trap When Info is Above Address Line 1

    JoeSalvatore _

      FYI... I encountered a situation that I worked around regarding the use of the Postal Line Trap that I'd like to share.


      The Postal Line Trap works by catching the city/state/postal-code line, and all lines above that line,

              until one of the following is encountered:

              1. A blank line (if the first line of an address block is blank, the postal trap will not work properly)

              2. A line whose text is indented further than the city/state/postal-code line

              3. Another city/state/postal-code line (which indicates the presence of another address block)

              4. The maximum number of address lines is reached (the lines highlighted for the template sample)


      Situation was that the name of the addressee was immediately above the address line 1 and, for those having only 1 address line, was being included in the lines captured by this trap.


      Solution was to define 2 calculated fields to "fix-up" the miscaptured information.


      AddressLine1Orig and AddressLine2Orig were the lines being captured by this trap.


      AddressLine1 (calc field)

        Substitutes the orignial address line 2 value for the original address line 1 value

         when the original address line 1 value matches the employee name value.

      [font="courier"] If( = , , ) /font[/quote]AddressLine2 (calc field)

        Blanks out the original address line 2 value when the original address line 2 value

         matches the address line 1 value

      [font="courier"] If( = , " ", ) /font[/quote]An enhancement should be made to permit an alternative way to stop the postal line trap in order to avoid this work as I would think it is not uncommon to have a name or other value directly located above the address block and not meet the criteria employed by the trap.


      Hope this helps keep some hair on your head should you encounter the same situation.