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    Problem Printing From Monarch Pro v8

    Dirk Schulze

      Here is a bizarre problem that I hope someone can shed some light on.


      We have Monarch Pro v8 running on 7 XP machines.  On large reports, 3 of them are unable to print half of the report.  The report we are currently using is slightly over half a GB in size and is 25,598 pages long.  On all 7 machines we are able to load the entire file into the Report Window.  4 of our machines will allow us to print any portion of the loaded report.  The other 3 are incapable of printing anything after page 1402 of this particular report (where the printing stops varies from report to report).  The last page of the report is displayed and we click print preview and page 1402 appears.


      We have reinstalled v8 on all 3 of these machines with no effect.  On one of the machines we uninstalled v8, deleted any reference to Monarch within the registry and then reinstalled v8.  It worked for awhile but then this month this issue returned on that partcular machine.


      Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.