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    Problem adding info to Lookup

    Monika _

      I created a model with a calculated field using a lookup in V 7.  AfterI upgraded to V8.02 I can no longer add new info to the lookup created in this model. I can edit the lookup with existing info already in the table (changing the assigned person)but if I have to add a new person it blanks out all the other info in the table for that field.  However, if I go back into V7 (on another users pc), I can add the new info and save it and can access it in V8. 


      Has anyone else experienced this "bug"?

        • Problem adding info to Lookup
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Monika and welcome to the forum.


          The functionality of Lookup Maintenenace was enhanced between version 7 and 8 but I don't recall any specific problems as you describe. Check the 'Waht's New' section in the V8 Monarch help for information.)


          Out of interest are you starting with a .mod model or a .xmod model in V7?


          Do you have Pro or Standard versions of Monarch?


          If you have Pro, and also have reasons for changing the lookup table contents quite frequently, it might be easier to use an  External lookup and simple maintain a text file somewhere and link to is or distribute it as required.


          You should also be able to paste a two column klookup table, held externally, into Monarch's internal table so another option might be to simply amend a master list held externally and completely replace the contents if editing the model using V8.


          On very very rare occasions  I did see some anomalies which seemed to related to .mod models from older versions which worked BUT may have been imperfect in their internal structure for reasons unknown and which, when interpreted and converted to .xmod files by V8, gave unexpected results because of lines beiong displaced in the structure of the new model. Very rare but could happen. The safest solution was simply to recreate the model.


          I hope this is of some help to you.