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    The File is not in the expected format

    Carol _

      I have Monarch Pro V9.1, Vista 64 bit, Excel 2007


      Because of Excel 2007, it will not allow me to save macros in format except xlsm, unless I save as Excel 97,


      Because Monarch Pro V9.1 WON'T save in xlsm format, I have to revert to Excel 97, xls.


      I have a Macro filled template that I save as an Excel 97, xls file, then I am trying to export several text files in to the spreadsheet through Monarch.


      The first file translates and saves into the spreadsheet just fine, but subsequent saves onto the same spreadsheet give me the "The file is not in the expected Excel Format.  Only Excel 97 and higher version are supported"


      I am adding to the file and appending to the table.


      Thank you.