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    .RPT Files

    jthahc _

      I have a RPT file that I received along with a reader software (WINVIEW).  The RPT contains a fairly standard report with headings each page and body with data.  When I open the file in Monarch, the data and formating is completely lost or scrambled and has various characters.  Also, if I compare the scrambled data to the reader/actual view, it seems there is data missing as I try to match it up.


      I tried using the "Options, Input" and making changes there, but still can't get the data to look good.


      Is anyone familiar with what I may be experiencing?




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          Data Kruncher

          Hi and welcome to the forum.


          It sounds like the .rpt file is one of those files that is either compressed or contains controls codes that a reader program interprets so that you can see the content properly. Crystal Reports writes .rpt files like this too.


          If this is your software ([url="http://downloads.rjssoftware.com/docs/winview/winview400.htm"]Winview reader manual[/url]), I don't think you'll have much success.


          I do see that they make a  [url="http://wiki.rjssoftware.com/wiki/index.php/ASCII/ANSI/TXT/PRN_Report_Converter/400"]file converter[/url], so if you can get the party that supplied you with the .rpt file to run that and then send ASCII output, you'll be on your way.


          Alternatively I see that you can search (Edit, Find) then copy the search results to Excel or what have you, like Notepad. If you can search for a wildcard and get everything in the search results, then you'll be OK.


          Hopefully this will work out for you one way or another.


          Good luck,


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            Nick Osdale-Popa

            If possible, should be able to print the report to PDF with WinView and use the PDF as your source.

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              jthahc _

              Thanks for your responses.


              I feared there would be a problem.  I could request a new file from the source, but it would take weeks I have some time constraints.


              I also considered and tried printing to file from the reader, then planned to import to Monarch. However, the file is huge and it was taking a long time.  I may have had it set up incorrectly though.  Seems like my best option, so I'll try again.


              Thanks again for your help!