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    Export to Excel - creating "tabs/spreadsheets"

    stembe _



      We use Monarch Pro 7.02. Is it possible to dynamically make Excel create different "tabs" or "spreadsheets" within the same file based on the data being exported?


      For example, let's says that the data in the table window looks like:


      [font="courier"]CustId CustName Address    Item  Sales$

      1      ABC      123 Street Item1 5000

      1      ABC      123 Street Item2 1300

      1      ABC      123 Street Item3 2700

      2      XYZ      234 Street Item1 545

      2      XYZ      234 Street Item2 400




      and so on...[/font][/quote]The assumption is that the data in the table window is sorted by the CustId. When I export this to an Excel file, can I make it create tabs/spreadsheets that are named 1,2,3,..so on? Spreadsheet "1" will contain data for the CustId "1" and so on....OR is it possible to create separate files based on the CustId?


      Thanks for any help.