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    V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator

    Oli _


      I updated the V8 pro to the Pro 9 Version. Unfortunately not all of my Projects work properly anymore. E.g. if I export values in an excel file. I loose the thousand seperator in the numeric fields and unfortunately a comma is set with one decimal. So in the report/summary windows I have a: 1.000 and in the excel file the result is: 1000,0


      What can I do to avoid this phenomenen ?


      Kind regards


        • V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Oliver,


          Just to be sure I understand this correctly;


          You have a value of 1000 that is displayed formatted as thousand(s) in the EU 'Continental' style  with no decimal places.




          If it had decimals places it would appear as 1.000,00 for example.


          Am I correct so far?


          What you are actually seeing is 1000 displayed as




          What you want is 1.000 after export to Excel.



          I am assuming that you have the Input Options set to interpret the incoming report for the correct decimal point character and the exportable fields all set to have no decimal places.


          Is that also correct?


          Export to Excel has various options including the option to export as V8 Monarch in place of V9. How are your export Options set for the Excel export?


          One final assumption is that your system has its Windows settings set to comma = decimal point and dot = thousands separator.


          Have you already experimented with changing any settings to see what happens? If yes, which ones?



          • V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator
            Oli _

            Hi Grant,


            all your assumptions are right.

            I still have this nerving problem with the export. I played with all possible options and came to the follwoing result.


            The new export functionality in the Pro9 Version changes the field characteristics.


            E.g. if I use in the Export file types menu, XLS-Files "Excel97+ (MonarchV8)" with the mark "Apply formatting to Excel files" the field characteristic of numeric fields changes in to character field via the Export to Excel 2003. The result is, that the figures doesn't have a thousand sepaerator (dot), but in Monarch I chose the thousands format with 2 decimals. So would expected to have the same number format in my excel output file.




            E.g. a second much more strangerous result is in that way: All the settings are like described above, but only change in the options the export file type: "Excel97+ (MonarchV9)".

            The result is like same above, but additional I now have 3 decimals, without thousands seperator but it didn't change the field characteristic. The field is still a numeric field. The nill value is shown ",000"


            The model was created with V8 pro.


            Within Windows i doublechecked the number settings. But this should be ok. I have a "." as a thousand separator and a "," for decimal seperation.


            What can I do, to get the result like with V8 Pro. With this Version I hadn't this problem.




            • V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator
              Grant Perkins



              It certainly seems strange.


              It is not something I can quickly replicate safely on my main system (changing the Windows display parameters) without confusing some other application and I will be away from this afternoon until later in the week.


              I hope someone will be able to pick up the problem and help out in that time. I will check when I get back.



              • V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator
                Oli _

                Grant, do you have any news for me ? I guess this is a bug of Monarch Pro V9, isn't it ?



                • V9 Problems Export with Thousand seperator
                  Grant Perkins

                  Originally posted by Oli:

                  Grant, do you have any news for me ? I guess this is a bug of Monarch Pro V9, isn't it ?


                  Oli /b[/quote]Oli,


                  Sorry I have not had an opportunity to play with the settings on my systems to try to replicate your problem.


                  I would guess that no one else has been able to check it either.


                  It may be best to take the problem directly to Datawatch support at this point because it seems likely that no active member of the forum has an answer or is in a position to run representative tests.