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    Grand Total Not Appearing in Summary

    jenmac _

      I have Monarch V9, and just last week, whenever I create a new model, the summary total isn't appearing on any of the new models.  In my summaries, I can get subtotals, but not the grand total at the bottom of the report.  I've checked all my options/settings, etc., and can't figure out why this has just started to happen.  The fields are numeric, so they should be totaling.  My older models from a few weeks ago still show the total. Has anyone else ever had this problem?


      Thanks for any suggestions.

        • Grand Total Not Appearing in Summary
          Data Kruncher

          I can't say that I've seen that behaviour myself.


          For the summaries which you've already built, on the General tab of each of your Summary definitions, verify that the "Insert total line" box is checked.


          For new summaries, examine your design preferences. The defaults for all new summaries are read from your preferences file.


          The first dialog box of the wizard is the Start, which shows you the name of your preference file. Click the Next button to move on to the General dialog. This is where you'll find the "Insert total line" option. Continue on and Finish the wizard.




          • Grand Total Not Appearing in Summary
            jenmac _

            Thank you SO much!  I never even thought to look on the general tab, and that "Insert total line" wasn't checked.  I can't believe how many hours I spent trying to re-do these models.  Oh, well.


            Thanks again for solving the mystery - you've made my day!