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    Model with Variable Serial Numbers

    bclark _

      Using Version 8, I have a report that looks like this:

      [font="courier"]Part Number     Description                     QtyOnh QtyCom  QtyAvl     Unit Cost     Total Cost   Inv Type               Bin # 











      642223RED000    Sparky 9.5 Red                       2       0      2      $216.3100         $432.62 Purchased Stock        *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDJH99C505,WEMJH92C505                                                                               

      642223YLW000    Sparky 9.5 Yellow                    3       0      3      $216.3100         $648.93     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDJF1WK405,WEMDJFHGK405,WEMDJGW8A505                                                                               

      642226ORN000    Sundance 12 Orange                   1       0      1      $378.3000         $378.30     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDBGCBK405                                                                               

      642226R/Y000    Sundance 12 Red/Yellow               1       0      1      $378.3000         $378.30     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDBGL8L405                                                                               

      642226RED000    Sundance 12 Red                      1       0      1      $378.3000         $378.30     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMBB83H304,WEMDBHT4C505                                                                               

      642226S/B000    Sundance 12 Smoke/Blue               1       0      1      $378.3000         $378.30     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDBGDGK405                                                                               

      642227GRN000    Sundance II 15 Green                 1       0      1      $485.0000         $485.00     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDFYAYK405                                                                               

      642227RED000    Sundance II 15 Red                   1       0      1      $485.0000         $485.00     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDFE59K203,WEMDFYF4B505                                                                               

      642227YLW000    Sundance II 15 Yellow                1       0      1      $485.0000         $485.00     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMDFYLGC505                                                                               

      642228RED000    Carolina 12 Red                      1       0      1      $261.9000         $261.90     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMCWM0EK405                                                                               

      642228YLW000    Carolina 12 Yellow                   1       0      1      $261.9000         $261.90     ''                 *NEW  

              S/N: WEMCWM3EA505                                                                               

      642229RBL000    Carolina 13.5 W/Rudder               1       0      1      $662.5100         $662.51     ''                 *NEW  

                      Robin's Egg                                                                               

      S/N: WEMCTQ8PB505                                                                               

      /font[/quote]I need to be able to get the serial numbers in a line with the item number, description and cost.  I'm having two issues, the first is that sometimes there are more than one line worth of serial numbers, the second is that the serial numbers don't always begin on the same line in referecnce to the main entry, the last item in the example above is a place where this is happening.


      If I create an append for the second line I get multiple lines worth of serial numbers but I then get Robin's Egg instead of the true serial number.  If I select to start with S/N: I get the right starting lines but don't get more than one line of numbers.




        • Model with Variable Serial Numbers
          RalphB _

          Hi Bob,


          Welcome to the Forum.


          As to your problem, use the line with serial numbers as your detail trap and "paint" a large enough area to capture all the serial numbers you may have.  You can then parse them out later using calculated fields using one of the Split functions.  Use the line above that as your append line and set an appropriate trap like a numeric trap above the part number field. To get all the description, set the advanced tab for Description field and select "Blank field values" in the "End Field On" section and leave the "Start Field On" section as default.  That should get the all the description information when it wraps to a second line.


          This should give you what you want; serial numbers with the item number, description, etc.



          • Model with Variable Serial Numbers
            Grant Perkins

            Hi Bob,


            Just to add a couple of other ideas to Ralph's suggestion.


            That last record looks like the description wraps onto 2 lines which is what forces the S/No: to drop away.


            So ideally if you can get the detail line and define the description field as a multi-line field (but WITHOUT the serial number and that could be tricky) you can then use a little trick to get the serial number as an APPEND even though its position AFTER the detail line means that it would more normally need to be a FOOTER. (The trick involves using the same trap for an APPEND template as for the detail. Then paint a field in that line in the horizontal position where the serial number field will appear - forget for now it is on another line. Change the properties of the field so that it Start with a preceding string of "S/N:" Your serial number should then appear as a field appended to the detail record.


            However, in this case, based on the sample layout posted,  I think it would be easier to simply create a footer template selected with S/N: as the trap and add the Serial Number to the fields that way.


            As for the serial number fields having multiple entries - do they need to be separate fields?


            If so, and they are always a consistent length, you could define a footer for each position (Monarch V8 allows for multiple footers). However my personal preference would be to make the field wide enough for picking a list of S/n's and maybe even a multi-row field if the list can indeed cover more the one row.


            You can then SPLIT the field into separate serial numbers using the LSPLIT or RSPLIT functions. (But it is worth pointing out that a large number of serial numbers might make this look a little cumbersome.)


            I will try to make time to play with the sample a little later and could send you an example of the result if you can send me a Private Message with your email address.