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    Author in the Audit Trail


      We would like to start using the audit trails that Monarch keeps automatically, however the author names are always blank.

      See the example from a project:


      - <save action="Saved" author="" time="2007-08-22T12:49:19">

        <item class="verify" name="" action="Deleted" />


        <save action="Saved" author="" time="2007-08-22T12:49:20" />

      - <save action="Saved" author="" time="2007-08-22T12:55:52">

        <item class="distribution" name="inputs" action="Edited" />


        <save action="Saved" author="" time="2007-08-22T14:03:28" />

        <save action="Saved" author="" time="2007-08-22T14:05:57" />

        </audit>[/font][/quote]We have several users of Monarch with network licenses.  The user ID for each user is stored via the monuser registry key on each user's machine. 


      Does anyone know how the author is determined for these audit trails, and what I need to tweak in order for this feature to work correctly?