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    Filtering Problem - Returns no records when they certainly exist

    Brad Shipman

      I have kind of a strange problem.  I often use Monarch and its external lookups in order to find records that match between two databases.


      So I may have a list of records that may or may not exist in our database and I need to quickly identify whether they match or not.  I set up the lookup to match on the key field and I can see that some of the records do match (by pulling in a field from the external database). 

      I will often pull in the field "Name" from the external database.


      Normally, I should be able to put on a filter Name<>"" to find the matches.  Alternatively, I can use Name="" to find any non-matches.


      From time to time, these filters will not work at all.  I can see that there are records that match, but the filter shows nothing. 


      It seems like sometimes this occurs if I go from filter to filter and if I go to No Filter, then re-create the filter, it will work.  This doesn't always solve the problem.


      Has anyone experienced this?