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    fatboy02 _

      Hi all, new user here and I just wanted to say hi.  I have had V9 for a few days now and I am amazed by the product.  It will certainly be a time saver for me.  Searching this forum has proved helpful but I'm sure I will have some questions for you experts in the coming weeks.  Again, glad to be here.



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          Data Kruncher

          Hi Rob! Welcome to the forum!


          As a new user, I'd highly recommend that make some time in your schedule to not just read over, but actually do, all of the excercises in the learning guide. It's a fantastic primer for the world of Monarch, and will give you a solid foundation for what might be headed your way.


          I was fortunate with my first exposure to the software. My new boss (at the time) let me sit and "play" with it for a few days without interruption. That made a huge difference for me.


          Anyway, that's enough rambling outta me.    


          Welcome, again, to this friendly little corner of the 'Net.